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    ※Our History
    Zibo Qichuang Medical Products Co.,Ltd. is an innovative company which is established in 2012.Our company is committed to research and producing disposable medical products.We own 10,000 square meters 100,000-level purification GMP workshop, 1000 square meters sterile laboratory;and use high-quality raw materials and advanced independent design and improvement of fully automated production equipment.
    Our company have CE and ISO 13485 certificate and can do OEM services according to customers’ requirements.
    The company’s research and development products are in line with the international use concept, more convenient and efficient; in the service of medical, convenient medical purposes, research and development, production and sales of various professional medical products; always put quality in the first place, will meet the customer’s requirements are the goal of the work, and the production process is controlled to improve our product quality and service.
    ※Our Product
    Main products:
    1, Disposable care kit : PICC puncture care kit, Infusion care kit, IV start kit, suture remove kit, dressing care kit, skin prep kit, dialysis care kit, CVC maintenance kit;
    2, Catheter fixation device: Urethral catheter fixation device, drainage tube fixation device, PICC catheter fixation device, indwelling needle fixation device, Nasogastric tube fixation device, Endotracheal-tube fixation device;
    3, Medical dressing : transparent dressing, transparent wound dressing, adhesive wound dressing, surgical film;
    4, Maternal and Baby Products: Belly band (baby protection umbilical cord), Baby umbilical paste(swimming pad);
    5, Other products: surgical tape, infusion stickers, tourniquet, band-aid and other medical supplies.

    ※Production Equipment
    ※Our CertificateChina Transparent Wound Dressing