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    PTFE fittings
    Low corrosion pipe processing technology:
    Tight lining process, commonly known as “drawn tube type”, namely four fluorine pipeline diameter slightly larger Yu Gangti pipe diameter, by mechanical traction method
    Line into the steel pipe.
    Loose lining technology, that is, a little less than four fluorine pipe diameter steel tube diameter, directly by manual plug-in line into the steel pipe.
    Low main material: PTFE, PE, PP
    PTFE (PTFE, F4)
    Suitable for conveying 120 ℃ or less strong corrosive medium, such as: dilute HCL, HNO3, – H2SO4, HF, NaOH, etc
    PE (polyethylene)
    Using temperature is 80 ℃ or less and is applicable to general transport of corrosive medium, the strength of the corrosion is generally
    PP (polypropylene)
    Using temperature is 100 ℃ or less and is suitable for the conveying of corrosive medium containing a small amount of solvent, corrosion resistant intensity is weak
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