We of the International Sovereign Church having come together of necessity under common belief hereby declare our Church Beliefs rightfully under God to be as follows:
We practice under the beliefs of the bible, the basis of Christianity and hold ourselves to the scriptures therein.
We will support our fellow man with kindness and peace to bring our fellow man the same safety and security we may ourselves have and are able to offer in return.
We take a vow not harm those that do not harm us, and to only act in self-defense if no other possibility of egress is available.
We do not believe in supporting the destruction of other nations or their people by a political body thus we will not support a system that attempts to do any of the following:,

  • Fighting or participating in death/war
  • Creation of or maintenance of machines designed to bring harm/death
  • Taxes that go to a supports death/war
  • Pillaging other nations for resources/energy
  • Allegiance to a body politic that is involved in the destruction/harm of others
  • Allegiance to or the placing of any body politic before the interests and good will of God.
  • Violating the precepts or the hold word of God

We support an individual’s freedom to the full and unrestricted rights of their own body and the choices they may make in regards thereto, and support this fully to the point in which it may harm someone else. (Thus we bind ourselves to the original Common Law Belief)
We believe that it is our God given right to be free on the land and travel without constraint so long as it does not harm another.
We believe that it is our right to live under these beliefs without outside interference from another unless we are the cause of harm to another at which point we will be fully answerable first and foremost to God, and then the church thereunder as a representative thereof. By vow and belief we swear thereto.
The infringement of any of the foregoing would be a violation of our religious beliefs and the precepts we hold ourselves to under the bible, it would also be a breach of the faith, love and loyalty we swear to the lord God Almighty. No man may have two masters.

©Copyright 0ad God