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    PowerTac was created with the vision of providing highest quality light that incorporates not just powerful but also tactical features. The ultimate goal is to provide a portable lighting device built for mission critical applications as well as typical everyday use of consumers.
    With the tactical knowledge and mission critical concept in mind, we are committed to:
    1. Combining modern electronic technology, professional tactical knowledge, material science and painstaking assembly work.
    2. Utilizing cutting edge LED technology, military grade electronics, pinpoint accuracy, and precision machining.
    3. Products with unparalleled performance, true tactical interface, multi-functionality, and life saving solid reliability to real professionals and individuals in the toughest situations.
    PowerTac is designed for everyone in every arena of life; Police officers, military personnel, outdoorsmen, young or elderly, male or female. We have the right solution to fit your professional and everyday life needs.
    PowerTac History:
    In 2006 We felt the current products were outdated and didn’t meet customer expectations. PowerTac was established in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA with the idea of changing the portable lighting industry forever, utilizing the latest high power LED technology.
    We combine our tactical knowledge and mission critical concept with privileged access to cutting edge LED technology from Cree, Inc. in North Carolina, USA. The practice initially involved us working along with different suppliers to manufacture products under different names, and it went successfully in the beginning.
    As the market demand changed, and required higher quality products with advanced technology, we found the only way to achieve this was to branch off and fully control the production process from R&D to assembly work, so PowerTac was born. As a result, we own our factory and R&D center.
    PowerTac was built on the ideas gathered by our marketing team from Police officers, Military personnel, Extreme outdoorsmen, Hunters, and everyday individuals we ran across. We promise to continue to develop our brand with our consumer’s hopes and wishes in mind first.
    Customized Military Flashlight


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