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    The main model you may select:
    You have special needs that can be designed for you.
    Model Sheet Thickness (mm)Leveling Accuracy(mm/㎡)Tolerance (mm/m)Line Speed (m/min)
    Common width standard:600/800/1250/1600/1800/2000/2200
    Partial description
    Hydraulic lifting table, pneumatic stacking device:
    ◆Length adjusting:min. 500mm; max. 2500mm.(can be decided by customer)
    ◆Width adjusting:min. 500mm; max. 1500mm.
    ◆Receiving shelf:there are two baffles on the receiving shelf, it join with air cylinder patting device, so that the steel plate can drop parallel.
    ◆Operating of lifter:automatic control device to achieve up and down, it fall down automatically when the height of steel panel increase. Weight capacity is 6T, stacking height is 500mm.
    ◆Discharge device:convey the finished products on the stacker to hoisting area.
    Side discharge coil car:
    ◆Equipped with two discharge car, which can guarantee the continuity of production line.
    ◆Set motor output electric power.
    Function and summarize:discharge car coordinate with hydraulic lifting table to achieve the side discharge by the connection of track. Discharge car equipped with electrical control system, convey the panel at low speed by gearing-down. Stacked panels are conveyed out of the machinery, so that convenient for packing and carrying.
    Hydraulic system:
    ◆Guarantees the use of every hydraulic component.
    ◆Working pressure of hydraulic system: 6.3-12Mpa, motor is 11kw
    If you need detailed parameters of the machine, please tell me the specifications of the sheet you need to process, I will provide you with the data, to give you the technical solutions you need.
    Such as:
    1,coil .I.D (mm)
    2,coil .O.D (mm)
    3,MAX coil weight (Ton)
    4,main material
    5,max coil thickness (mm)
    6,max coil width (mm)
    7,voltage/ HZ
    and so on
    Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory
    Mob: 86-13951579100
    Tel: 86-510-83208381
    Fax: 86-510-83209882
    Add: 76# Qianluo Load, Huishan District,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China
    Email: wxpx0510@163.com
    Website: http://www.Pxslitter.comLeveling Series price


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